Tantric Massage - The Heavenly Pleasure

In man presents with a hardening of the lingam, causing numbness, and therefore requires a strong stimulation to get excited or, on the contrary, causes hypersensitivity and fragility in the foreskin or glands resulting in the attitude of: "Do not touch me ". The shell of the man is also manifested as a chronic tension in the anal sphincter and involuntary erections in an attitude of sexual anxiety, which creates a continuing need for genital stimulation. In women, the armoring causes masturbation guilt, make love when you do not feel the obligation to pretend, without knowing how to say "No", not getting an orgasm, undergo abortions, cesarean births. This contributes to more insensitivity of the tissues, hardly even making love and therefore little receptivity to the male organ. When a woman has suffered some sexual trauma or severe intimate, or more simply, when your vital energy is scattered, bipolar, etc.. Women feel numbness, anorgasmia, rejection of men, fears, quirks with bugs, conflicts with his masculine side or authority, etc.. http://exclusivemassage.net/

Yoni In Tantric Massage

In Yoni Tantra, one of the most important scriptures of India Kaula school are given a "level of armoring" the yoni. The next serious summary of armoring Yoni would be: By properly massaging these areas women can release and heal all these things. In severe situations will need to consult a Tantric Master. http://ourscenetv.info/ The technique is easy simply to rub with fingertips gently repetitive, circular, monotonous continues and each of the parts of the Yoni. The Tantric master has given time to express what you have to express the Shakti, stay tuned with affection and love to all your feelings, let it be released regardless of whether or not to reach orgasm. If the situation becomes too unbearable leaves him, and does not continue because there will be another opportunity, lies down beside her, hugs her and gives her love and understanding.

Tantric Massage Techniques For Yoni

If things are going well and she not feel comfortable and confident we can move to the next phase, inside the vagina. To do so, sitting cross-legged in front of her open legs, imagine your yoni is like clockwork, the top, the urethra, clitoris and G-spot would be 12 and down along the perineum 6. G Point would be located at their website 12.30 and at a depth of 2 phalanges or so, when introduced yolks index and heart must feel a kind of rough protruding from the crowd with a different voltage and sensitivity, if you feel pleasure all goes well, otherwise massage the area with soft heart rate but deeply. Continued clockwise clock turning over the entire vagina from the outside to a depth of 2-3 phalanges, where she says it hurts gives massage and let it evokes what is living in the form of crying, hallucination, laughter, anger, etc.. Encourages it evokes all, without repressing anything, letting loose all, tells you breathe deeply but quietly and above who does not identify with anything, all she sees is not real but then symbols should be interpreted, therefore, tells you to stop all flow without identifying with nothing to breathe and relax, nothing happens. In a meeting on the yoni do all or only part does not matter, what matters is that each session she finished a little more loose and calm after the catharsis you may have with evocations. When complete catharsis leaves and encouraged to do shavasana, deep relaxation. Whole body erotic massage including the genital area causing an extreme and unique pleasure. A unique experience. Many opportunities happen once. Take it!

Use Tantric Massage To Activate The Sacral Chakra

System "Boom / Butterfly" throughout the body except genitalia and breasts. Passes from top to bottom and vice versa are also given for the Spine "Boom / Butterfly" System. (10 minutes) - link System "Fleur" (llema fingers) throughout the body except genitalia and breasts. Passes from top to bottom and vice versa are also given for the Spine "Fleur" System (llema fingers). http:/// (10 minutes) System "Lips / Tongue" (couples only) throughout the body except genitalia and breasts. System "Lips / Tongue" on Spine is also used. (10 minutes) (Tantric massage therapy duration is 60 minutes, 30 minutes and 30 minutes for Dorsal Frontal) In London Tantric massage is used to reach deep states o meditation through relaxation and concentration. The goal is union with beings and natural travel in space-time. Go deep within yourself. It's like a hypnotic trance which allows you to penetrate the deeper layers of your mind. At the end of tantric massage is a way out of a dream. The end of a trip to your deepest stay.